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Aston Martin is adding an electric option to its classic cars.

Aston Martin is betting that at least some collectors who love its classic cars will love them more if they don’t burn gasoline.

The British automaker is rolling out conversion kits to turn its gasoline-powered classic cars into electric vehicles. According to Digital Trends:

To demonstrate what it’s capable of, the firm installed its electric powertrain into a 1970 DB6 MKII Volante (pictured). It looks fully stock — it even keeps its exhaust system even though it no longer needs it. There’s no word on how the electric conversion affects performance and handling, however, and Aston Martin hasn’t provided technical specifications. Digital Trends learned from a spokesperson that the EV cassette will be a weight-neutral replacement for the internal combustion engine. It will deliver a quicker zero-to-60-mph time, and match the original car’s top speed of 120 mph.

“Driving a classic Aston Martin on pure [electric] power is a unique experience and one that will no doubt be extremely attractive to many owners, especially those who live in city centers. We also foresee collectors adding another dimension to their collection by commissioning EV-converted heritage cars,” explained Paul Spires, the president of Aston Martin Works.
Aston Martin noted the conversion is reversible, so owners can return their car to its original configuration at any time.
The Verge points out that there’s a solid reason for Aston Martin to offer electric conversion kits for its classic cars. According to the Verge:

Wouldn’t this be sacrilege, you might ask? That’s an argument for another day. Aston Martin’s starting this program for a very specific reason. Cities around the world, but especially in Europe, have begun to shun internal combustion engines in favor of boosting air quality for residents. If this pattern continues, it raises the question: what good is a classic car if you can’t drive it anywhere?