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Exotic car insurance news: Porsche is experimenting with more rental options.

Want to drive a Porsche but a little short on cash to buy one or pay for exotic car insurance to cover it? Porsche may have just what you need.

The German automaker has added additional cars to the Turo platform, which allows regular car owners to rent high-end automobiles. According to Quartz:

This year alone, more than 1,600 Porsches have been added to Turo’s rental platform, bringing the total to more than 4,500. The average cost to rent one of those vehicles is about $200 a day, though it varies based on model, year, and rental location. (Among them is Turo CEO Andre Haddad’s 2006 Porsche 911, available for $227 a day.)

On Sept. 12, Turo announced an official partnership with Porsche in the US to create a special program, Porsche Host, dedicated to Porsche rentals. Turo is selecting top-rated Porsche owners and existing Turo members in San Francisco and Los Angeles to join the program. Those hosts will get training in all things Porsche at the automaker’s Experience Center in Los Angeles, making them akin to brand ambassadors.

In addition, Fortune reports, Porsche is putting in place a rental program in Atlanta. According to Fortune:

This short-term rental service in Atlanta, called Porsche Drive, builds on a subscription program the company launched there last year. The initiative lets consumers spend four hours bombing around in a Macan, 718 Cayman or Boxster for as little as $269. Throw down $2,909 and you can be the “owner” of a 911 for a week. A concierge service that delivers the car within two hours is included, of course.