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Competitors slug it out on luxury’s digital frontier

Among Boca insurance agencies, Seeman Holtz Private Client Group is focused on finding the best coverage for high-end items from cars to collections. That focus leads to attention on luxury trends, and one such trend is an explosion in high-end e-tailers. While... read more

Mercedes SUV prowess leads to luxury lead

For those who use Boca insurance agencies such as Seeman Holtz Private Client Group, the luxury automobile market can be interesting. And more customers are showing interest in Mercedes this year than in other automakers. Bloomberg reports that Mercedes will win the... read more

Celebrate the holidays with luxury gifts

Tis the season, and this year, the holidays will provide plenty of opportunities for luxury gift giving. From a luxe ball of yarn to an SUV fit for the Queen, high-end goods are once again on everybody’s list. CNBC reports that an improving economy should lift... read more

Leonardo Da Vinci painting sets record at auction

Leonardo DaVinci’s “Salvatore Mundi” fetched more than $450.3 million after 9 hours of bidding at an auction held by Christie’s last week. That amount set a record, far exceeding the $179.4 million paid for Picasso’s “Women of... read more

Luxury home prices rise

The supply shortage that has hit the broader housing market is playing out on the high end as well, and that’s driving the price of luxury housing higher. But higher prices aren’t scaring away buyers. Quite the contrary. CNBC reports: The top 5 percent of... read more

Good news, bad news for luxury automakers

An improving economy and strong stock market means people are spending on luxury vehicles. That’s great news for automakers such as Mercedes and Lexus. But there’s a catch. The popularity of luxury SUVs has led to steep declines in luxury sedan sales.... read more

Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona sets record

A Rolex is a valuable luxury good. Paul Newman’s Daytona Rolex is an item so rare and valuable one collector paid $17,752,500 to get it. The Rolex given to Newman by his wife, Joanne Woodward, set a record last week for a watch sold at auction, more because of... read more


Here for you and your clients.   To Our Trusted Agents & Brokers: As we look back over the last month, we are filled with compassion for our policyholder clients, their families, and others affected by the myriad of natural disasters. We’ve witnessed... read more

These luxury vehicles almost drive themselves, sometimes

It will be a while before fully self-driving cars dominate the roads. But they’re coming closer as more automakers offer autopilot features meant to give you a hand with the driving from time to time. U.S. News & World Report writes: Self-driving cars require... read more

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi” to be auctioned

The last known painting by Leonardo da Vinci in private hands goes up for auction by Christie’s in November, an event that has captivated the art world. “Salvator Mundi,” da Vinci’s portrait of Jesus Christ, will be auctioned along with Andy Warhol’s final silk... read more

Hinckley borrows from BMW for all-electric yacht

Venerable Maine Yacht maker Hinckley is taking a leaf from carmakers like Tesla. The 90-year-old company introduced an all-electric yacht at the Newport International Boat Show last month. The Dasher is powered by BMW i3 batteries and accepts dual 50-amp charging... read more

BMW ups its luxury game

BMW is no stranger to luxury. But the venerable German automaker still feels the need to up its game. That’s why the company has announced a new product line meant to add to its luxury segment. Currently, the 7 Series is BMW’s luxury flagship. But soon, the BMW 8... read more

Check Out The Porsche 911 Turbo S On A Lightning Lap

Are you looking to sport a luxury vehicle with style and handling? Maybe the Porsche 911 Turbo S is for you… check out the action as Car and Driver Magazine takes to the Lightning Lap track to put it through it’s paces… “G-forces in every... read more

Edmunds Ranks The Top 10 American Made Vehicles For 2017

Are you looking to “Buy American” with your next auto purchase? It can be a tough task thanks to regulations are making it harder to qualify a vehicle as American made if they are using parts from out of the country. Luckily Edmunds has you covered with... read more

Happy Labor Day From Seeman Holtz Private Client

Insure all your biggest investments in life and protect your interests with an insurance review from Seeman Holtz Private Client! From luxury car and marine insurance, to excess liability and risk management insurance – there is a plan for every individual or... read more

J.D. Power Ranks 2017’s Luxury Sedans

What are you expecting out of your next luxury car? Sporty lines, creature comforts, a technology infused ride? In J.D. Power’s 2017 rankings of the hottest luxury sedans they are running down the metrics of many factors that go into making a great high end... read more