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How Trucks Are Moving Into Exotic Car Insurance Turf

Super cars and luxury sedans may need to make way for pickup trucks when it comes to exotic car insurance. That’s because high-end pickup trucks are often winning the hearts and minds of new vehicle buyers, while classic pickup trucks are becoming popular... read more

New App Connects Art Collectors

As the preferred private client insurance company for many, we try to stay attuned to new developments in areas such as car and art collecting. That’s why we were intrigued by this Forbes article about two Danish brothers who have created an app that could... read more

Brexit Boosts British Yacht Builders

If you’re looking to buy a yacht, you may find your best deal in Britain. And wherever you buy, don’t forget to check in with the experts at Boca insurance company Seeman Holtz Private Client Group. The Guardian reports that British yacht builders have... read more

Competitors slug it out on luxury’s digital frontier

Among Boca insurance agencies, Seeman Holtz Private Client Group is focused on finding the best coverage for high-end items from cars to collections. That focus leads to attention on luxury trends, and one such trend is an explosion in high-end e-tailers. While... read more

Mercedes SUV prowess leads to luxury lead

For those who use Boca insurance agencies such as Seeman Holtz Private Client Group, the luxury automobile market can be interesting. And more customers are showing interest in Mercedes this year than in other automakers. Bloomberg reports that Mercedes will win the... read more

Celebrate the holidays with luxury gifts

Tis the season, and this year, the holidays will provide plenty of opportunities for luxury gift giving. From a luxe ball of yarn to an SUV fit for the Queen, high-end goods are once again on everybody’s list. CNBC reports that an improving economy should lift... read more

Leonardo Da Vinci painting sets record at auction

Leonardo DaVinci’s “Salvatore Mundi” fetched more than $450.3 million after 9 hours of bidding at an auction held by Christie’s last week. That amount set a record, far exceeding the $179.4 million paid for Picasso’s “Women of... read more

Luxury home prices rise

The supply shortage that has hit the broader housing market is playing out on the high end as well, and that’s driving the price of luxury housing higher. But higher prices aren’t scaring away buyers. Quite the contrary. CNBC reports: The top 5 percent of... read more

Good news, bad news for luxury automakers

An improving economy and strong stock market means people are spending on luxury vehicles. That’s great news for automakers such as Mercedes and Lexus. But there’s a catch. The popularity of luxury SUVs has led to steep declines in luxury sedan sales.... read more

Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona sets record

A Rolex is a valuable luxury good. Paul Newman’s Daytona Rolex is an item so rare and valuable one collector paid $17,752,500 to get it. The Rolex given to Newman by his wife, Joanne Woodward, set a record last week for a watch sold at auction, more because of... read more


Here for you and your clients.   To Our Trusted Agents & Brokers: As we look back over the last month, we are filled with compassion for our policyholder clients, their families, and others affected by the myriad of natural disasters. We’ve witnessed... read more