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Protect Your Real Estate Investment With Seeman Holtz

From luxury waterfront, coastal and historic locations, protect your real estate investments with the best – at Seeman Holtz Private Client! Don’t overpay for unneeded coverage, and don’t get blindsided by an inefficient policy – contact the... read more

Are You Insured Through This Years Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is almost upon us, and in South Florida that means the possibility of an extreme weather threat almost every day. Protect your biggest high end and luxury investments from the devastation’s of mother nature with elite insurance options from... read more

Aston Martin Unveils Company’s First Luxury Yacht

The luxury supercar company has taken to the high seas, with it’s first take on a luxury speedboat/yacht. With all the high end finishes you would expect from Aston Martin, the AM37 is officially on the water, with it’s first prototype going to a lucky... read more

Liability Insurance Options From Seeman Holtz

Are your business or personal en-devours begging for liability insurance coverage from Seeman Holtz Private Client Group? Insure your life’s most valuable assets, and rest easy at night with the right policy on your side. Most existing homeowners insurance... read more

Autonomous Vehicle Creating Insurance Uncertainty

How do you go about insuring a self driving vehicle? The new field has caused some uncertainty when it comes to the need to insure that ride as it takes you down the road… “The day is coming when your car is a better driver than you are. But until that... read more

The Super Luxury Underwater Homes Of Dubai

Are you looking for the next step in luxury living? Why not check out some amazing underwater homes off the coast of Dubai, just be sure to get the right insurance policy as there is undoubtedly some risk in a sea-faring home… “In the clear-blue waters off... read more

Luxury And High End Insurance Options From Seeman Holtz

Insure all your biggest investments in life and protect your interests with an insurance review from Seeman Holtz Private Client! From luxury car and marine insurance, to excess liability and risk management insurance – there is a plan for every individual or... read more

Do You Need Insurance To Protect Your Business Assets?

What does your business rely on to keep the ball rolling? From your intellectual property to physical assets, there is a lot to protect to ensure a future for your business, and Seeman Holtz can help! “You may be surprised by the number and range of policies... read more

Man Wrecks Ferrari An Hour After Picking It Up

Out to purchase a new supercar? Hopefully it will last longer than one hour – which was the case in a UK driver who picked up his new ride, only to wreck the beautiful Ferrari an hour later… “Police in South Yorkshire said the driver was able to walk... read more

High End Car Insurance Options From Seeman Holtz

Making a dive into your first luxury vehicle? Narrowing down your options and taking home your new high end ride is all fun and games! Until the unforeseen happens, and you need to turn to a car insurance policy. Don’t be caught off guard with policy... read more

Big Insurance Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

First time home buyers, of those who haven’t needed to rely on their insurance policy in the event of a disaster don’t often take a second look at what’s included and what isn’t in their coverage. There are some costly mistakes you need to... read more

Storm Damage Sends Myanmar Pagoda Crashing Into River

The power of mother nature is nothing to be contended with. In the blink of an eye a strong swath of rainfall, or a twister can bring your prized possessions down to their knees. Check out the insane power of a storm that swept through Myanmar, taking a pagoda and... read more

How A Coral Reef Landed It’s Own Insurance Policy

A coral reef off of Mexico’s Caribbean coast is making waves, as the first of it’s kind to land an insurance policy. The measure comes as a move to protect the natural landmark in the event of climate change, taking the reigns from government. “It may be... read more