Insurance News From Seeman Holtz Private Client



Private Client Insurance Sister Company Expands

Seeman Holtz Property and Casualty, part of the family of companies that includes private client insurance powerhouse Seeman Holtz Private Client Group, is growing again. The company announced last week the acquisition of Spencer Insurance Agency LLC, headquartered... read more

Want To Invest In Luxury Cars? There’s An App For That

A company with an app for investing in luxury cars has just added to its war chest. Rally Rd., launched in 2016, makes an app that allows investors to buy shares in such luxury cars as Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis for as little as $50 per share. The New York... read more

Buyers Can Now Use Bitcoin To Buy Exotic Cars

Bitcoin, the controversial cryptocurrency, has already been used to buy houses and apartments. Add at least one important brand of exotic cars to the list of items you can buy using bitcoin. According to The Street, a dealership in Houston will now take bitcoin for... read more

Jaguar Electrifies A Classic Beauty For Collectors

It may be the most gorgeous car ever made—the 1960s vintage Jaguar E-Type. Now, as the automaker makes the car available to collectors through its Classics division, Jaguar is putting a very modern spin on it. Jaguar is offering to retrofit the classic machines as... read more

Boca Insurance Agency Beefs Up With Latest Acquisition

Seeman Holtz Property And Casualty continues to grow from a Boca insurance agency into a national powerhouse. The Boca insurance agency has announced the has announced the acquisition of Ritman & Associates, Inc., one of the nation’s premier professional... read more

Pieces From Food Magnate’s Art Collection Go On Auction

Christie’s has announced it will be auctioning works from the prestigious art collection of Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson, also known as Hunk and Moo. The New York auction will be held in the fall. The auction house has estimated the items from the art... read more

Boca Insurance Agency Acquires Pennsylvania Company

Boca insurance agency Seeman Holtz Property and Casualty, part of the same family of companies that includes Seeman Holtz Private Client Group, continues its expansion. The Boca insurance agency announced recently that it had acquired Merchants Preferred Insurance... read more

Boca Insurance Agency Adds To Its Holdings

Seeman Holtz Property & Casualty has made another addition to its growing roster of acquisitions, this time in the Boca Insurance Agency‘s neighborhood. Seeman Holtz Property & Casualty announced the acquisition of JEM Insurance Services, Inc. in Boca... read more

Private Client Insurance Firm’s Family Grows

The company that includes private client insurance firm Seeman Holtz Private Client Group is growing again with two recent acquisitions. Seeman Holtz Property & Casualty, a sibling company to private client insurance firm Seeman Holtz Private Client Group,... read more

Sotheby’s Puts Gold On Pedestal

Fabled auction house Sotheby’s is no stranger to precious objects that include gold. But in a first later this year, it will hold an auction that includes nothing but gold items. The auction is a response to increasing demand for gold from Asia and Russia and... read more

Exotic Car Insurance News: Are Flying Cars On The Horizon?

Plenty of those in the exotic car insurance business, whether they’re agents or clients, have dreamed of flying cars. Now, Audi is drawing closer to making those dreams come true. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government last month signed a letter of... read more

Car Makers Prepare To Take On Tesla In Luxury Electric Cars

Tesla is about to lose its place as the dominant maker of luxury electric cars as major automakers ramp up their own electric models. Jaguar will start selling its I-Pace electric cars this summer, and Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Porsche won’t be far behind with... read more